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Thinking about a sustainability certification often leads us to think about the investment of time and money that we must make.
However, there are options that involve less effort and achieve similar results.
Today Neiva, in charge of Business Development at Eosis, explains the EDGE certification and its advantages

Why EDGE? For its acronym in English Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency (EDGE), is an initiative proposed by the World Bank that allows access to a sustainability certification in a faster, easier and more affordable way than those globally recognized as LEED.

EDGE is present in 130 countries, until a few years ago it could only be found in developing countries, however, in the last 2 years it has become relevant in North America. This option makes it easy for builders to reap the benefits of green building for marketing purposes, without drastically investing in building construction or renovation. Through the promotion of strategies for energy efficiency, water saving and energy savings incorporated in materials by at least 20% respectively, builders can access the lowest level of certification, as the savings have a higher percentage, the level can be increased up to achieve carbon neutrality, which guarantees us to have a building that generates 100% of its energy.

The advantages of building or inhabiting a building with EDGE certification could be included mainly in the operating savings that the aforementioned strategies imply, in addition to making us eligible to have preferential bonds in bank loans, government tax incentives and a greater attractiveness of purchase investment. In the case of Mexico, the government is committed to reducing its greenhouse gases by 25% and achieving up to 24% in the use of clean energy, this situation opens up a potential field for sustainable building, however, private investment prefers invest in areas other than sustainability, although this situation is understandable, the EDGE offer is a response to this problem. Implementation costs are much lower than other certifications and the time spent on documentation and auditing is also lower.

If your particular case is not in search of international recognition, your budget is limited or your building is already built, EDGE is the perfect solution. In our team we have specialized talent in the use of software and auditing for credit compliance that allow your company to obtain this certification in the shortest possible time. Send us a message to know the case of your company, we are sure that we can generate a strategy that, beyond promoting sustainability, takes care of the finances of your business.

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