WeWork supports alternative and sustainable mobility



of WeWork members globally use sustainable forms of public transit (walk, bike, public transit).


of members globally who used to drive by themselves to work have switched to using more sustainable forms of transit since joining WeWork.

WeWork is a company born in 2010 with the mission of creating something more than pleasant and shared office spaces. “We wanted to create a community. A place to integrate individually, like a “me”, and at the same time be part of a “we”. A place where we redefine success by measuring it for personal fulfillment, not just for accounting results. The community is our catalyst. ”

Since 2010, WeWork has been dedicated to design, build and manage workspaces around the world to make office dynamics more intelligent and effective over time.

With more than 15 million square feet of top-level commercial offices, WeWork facilitates the entry and exit to these spaces, thus optimizing the times and resources of companies so that they concentrate on their work.

To learn more about WeWork and its impact worldwide, download its 2019 global report.

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