Top Reasons to Attend Greenbuild in Atlanta from Nov. 19-22

At Greenbuild, explore how resilience, sustainability and equity are interconnected.

With world leaders convening for the United Nations Climate Action Summit, a new report by the U.N. cautions that climate change is accelerating. As related conditions such as a rise in sea levels, a decline in Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets and intensifying tropical storms continue to be reported across the globe, the effects of climate change have also become more visible to Americans back home. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the average global temperature from 2015 through 2019 is on track to become the warmest of any four-year period on record.

This year’s theme, “A New Living Standard,” will inspire powerful discussions around buildings and their ability to improve quality of life for every person.


Groundbreaking education sessions

The Future of LEED: The possibilities and opportunities for LEED are endless. Following a public call for proposals and ideas, this education session will be a discussion with USGBC leadership about what is next for the world’s leading standard for green buildings.

Living Standard: See how USGBC’s Living Standard campaign is highlighting the power of storytelling for a more sustainable future. Become more effective communicators and community partners as you learn how to find the meaning behind the metric that shows how your building or space is contributing to a better standard of living.

LEED v4.1 Decarbonizing Workshop: How the industry responds to the climate crisis will fundamentally shape the future for all people. This workshop will give you practical strategies to reduce carbon and cover the basics of GHG accounting and foot printing.

LEED v4.1 Workshop: Driving Climate Action Through Greener Buildings: Learn how to connect green buildings to healthy outcomes for people, planet and profit. Explore how to apply LEED as a performance standard and work in an integrative process to address gaps across the life cycle of a building.

The Biology, Physics and Epistemology of Wellness Design: Ecological design is less about efficiency and productivity and more about health. Hear from HDR, Delos and the 428 Minneapolis building team as they share insights into how to integrate health into design.

Tackling Climate Change: Tools, Technology and LEED: Climate change is arguably the most urgent and consequential challenge facing the buildings industry. This session brings together climate scientists and building experts to discuss best practices, tools and technologies professionals can use to take action.

Going Beyond: Recertification and LEED Zero: A year after their launch, this session dives into the importance of recertification and how LEED Zero supports projects pursuing net zero goals.

If Poor Performing Buildings are the Problem, Then What is the Solution?: From energy use to transportation, strong foundational policies followed by tracking, measuring and maintaining a building’s overall environmental performance is vital. See how the global community is using platforms like Arc and LEED certification to identify, achieve and celebrate deeper efficiencies across myriad space types.

Integration of Distributed Energy Resources to Achieve Decarbonization in LEED v4.1: Buildings are a critical piece of an interconnected energy system and are vital to decarbonization efforts. Learn about GridOptimal, a collaborative project of NBI and USGBC, and how renewables, storage and load management strategies can deliver verifiable GHG reductions.

LEED v4.1: Advancing Sustainable Materials and the Circular Economy: Explore how LEED continues to advance supply chain sustainability, healthy materials and the circular economy through the lenses of a standards developer, practitioner and manufacturer.

New Greenbuild summits

Resilience Summit: In order to realize a sustainable for future all, the next generation of green building must focus on the development of smart and resilient cities and communities. Join this NEW Greenbuild summit, focused on elevating equity by building resilience.

Global Health & Wellness Summit: Another NEW summit, these sessions focus on catalyzing wellbeing for all. Above all else, green building, at its heart, is about people and the Global Health & Wellness Summit brings leaders and industry professionals together to show how the industry is using buildings to improve quality of life.

Celebrating and showcasing leadership

A Conversation with President Barack Obama: USGBC’s President and CEO Mahesh Ramanujam sits down for a powerful conversation with the 44th President of the United States where he will share his ideas, passion and vision for the growing global green building family.

Women in Green Power Luncheon<: In recent times, women leaders have been re-affirming the call and standing for a “Culture of Courage” more powerful than ever before. Join this powerful gathering of women for a discussion that will help define the future for women across the building industry and beyond. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Leadership Awards Ceremony: Open to all Greenbuild conference pass holders, the Leadership Awards recognize individuals and organizations committed to advancing green building design, construction and operations. Recipients will be announced ahead of the conference.

Registration is still open for professionals interested in attending this year’s conference and information on pricing and packaging can be found on the Greenbuild website.

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