The urgency of decarbonization

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For many it is news, for many others it is not. What is certain is that climate change and the need to join efforts to stop it is a shared task.

Built buildings account for 40% of global carbon emissions, which is why they should be one of the main focuses in international agreements and a key piece in the sustainability strategy of companies.
Today Neiva, one of our team members, explain why is important star the process of decarbonization in your company

For a few years now, 2030 has become the announced date for all new buildings to have characteristics that allow them to be identified as Net Zero Carbon or Carbon Neutral, this means that the building or construction generates an equal or greater amount of energy you consume, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

And what is the carbon footprint? In simple words, it represents all the greenhouse gasses emitted by a person or corporation. These are considered directly and indirectly, that is, those that are generated by the operation itself or those that are derived from the products that are consumed.

Why is it important to reduce the carbon footprint?

The measurement of the carbon footprint shows us what impact our activities and actions have on the changes suffered by the planet. As we mentioned before, construction is one of the main agents whose carbon footprint is so high that it requires reconfiguring a large part of its actions to reduce its emissions.

For this reason, sustainable building has come to revolutionize the way in which buildings, industrial warehouses or any type of construction are carried out. With the implementation of key strategies in design and operation, the amount of emissions can be reduced to zero if they are implemented in the correct way.

And this doesn’t only apply to new buildings, existing constructions can adopt policies and make small changes that allow them to convert their facilities into sustainable spaces with a minimum carbon footprint.

If you want to apply sustainability strategies in your new project or convert your existing building into an efficient one, at Eosis we generate customizable strategies and adapt to your budget.

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