Sustainability in the Industrial Sector

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Our company’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis is real. We work together motivated by the search for a common good for a prosperous future. On this occasion, Abigail Cervantes, project manager of Eosis, shares her opinion on the importance of applying sustainability criteria in the industrial sector.

In recent years, sustainability has become a broad issue for the industrial sector, encompassing everything from net zero carbon emissions and green and energy-efficient buildings to started placing a greater emphasis on employee health, with a focus on improving overall warehouses with enhanced air quality through air conditioning and ventilation systems, and using water and resources efficiently.

Because of the unexpectedly grow of the industrial sector, now is a major energy consumer and emitter, accounting for over a-quarter of all CO2 global emissions.

“New entrants are developing solutions that will rival the incumbent heavy industrialists still largely relying on fossil fuels… If we’re lucky, they’ll be able to find the keys to decarbonizing heavy industry, which is expected to reach over US$5.7 trillion globally by 2025” (Handley, 2021).

Optimization since the early design stage of an industrial facility is key to increase energy efficiency and to reduce emissions of the operational years. Green building certifications such as LEED or EDGE could help with this matter and enhance the building’s systems to perform without deficiencies.

Now is the moment for industrial enterprises to begin the transition to decarbonization by doing a detailed analysis of all of their facilities and examining the availability of low-cost electricity, using renewable energy sources such as hydrogen and biomass, and implementing carbon-storage capacity.

As McKinsey Sustainability stablished in their paper “How Industry Can Move Toward a Low-carbon Future”: Joint planning and action can help to accelerate the development of low-carbon technologies for industry while also assisting in the coordination of the dual transformation of the energy and industrial sectors.

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Abigail Cervantes

Project Manager

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