Helix Tower

LEED Platinum


The project located in one of the most important financial arteries of the city of Guadalajara, has 18 levels of corporate offices and two commercial levels.

In response to its urban context, the building proposes a commercial floor surrounded by public space that absorbs the existing unevenness between the streets, unfolds creating the access ramps to the building and allows the transition for the different uses.

The project consists of an 18-story office and retail tower with a core of elevators and services. The first two levels correspond to commerce and the office lobby; the remaining 16 levels are exclusive to corporate use. Torre Helix has obtained LEED Platinum certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, for its acronym in English), which reflects the effort that the teams added by achieving a total of 80 points in efficiency. The project has become an icon of the city of Guadalajara thanks to its beautiful architectural design, offering creating a unique proposal in its surrounding. The reasons for this exterior design go beyond aesthetics; rotation in the building structure It allows you to have several benefits and one of them has to do with energy efficiency.


Helix Tower

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Year: 2022

Client: Craft Architects

Development and construction: DIM Group 

Photos: Apertura arquitectonica

Construction: 25,000.00 SQM