What is WELL?

WELL Building Standard is the leading tool for promoting health and wellness in buildings and interior spaces globally. It seeks to implement, validate and measure characteristics that improve health and the human experience through design.

The WELL Certification is a system based on the measurement and monitoring of the performance of the built environment that impacts human health and well-being through fundamental concepts based in 3 main characteristics: behavior, operation and design.

WELL Concepts

Certification Benefits

  • An improved environment for employees, customers and visitors.
  • Increase in productivity and employee satisfaction; and consequently, its retention within the company.
  • Avant-garde corporate image with a notorious attraction or retention of both clients and collaborators that inspire happiness, identity and own culture.
  • Leadership of the company through quality assurance.
  • Differentiation from competitors.
  • Invaluable marketing added value.
  • Attractive return on investment.

WELL Certification Levels v1

100% of Preconditions acomplished

100% of Preconditions acomplished
40% of appliable optimizations

100% of Preconditions acomplished
80% of appliable optimizations

WELL Certification Levels v2

40 points
Exclusive for WELL Core projects

50 points

60 points

80 points