What is EDGE Certification?

The EDGE certification system (Exellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a building evaluation system promoted by the IFC (International Finance Corporation) part of the World Bank. It is promoted by the GBCI as well as LEED and has a presence in more than 120 countries, including LATAM.

EDGE shows that the next generation of buildings can be more profitable and with a lower carbon footprint. This system manages an optimization standard of at least 20%, based on local building systems.

To qualify, compared to traditional standards, a building must achieve a reduction of:


EDGE works with a wide variety of buildings: residential, including houses and apartments; commercial; hotels and resorts; educational centers and sports facilities; office buildings; hospitals and commercial and industrial establishments.

The EDGE system provides an overview of measurable solutions through a  software for the analysis of the most optimal, economical and profitable strategies to build in an ecological way.

It’s an ideal option in this cases

Optimice an existing building or do minor renovations

Demonstrate your sustainability improvements

Obtain a certification with less inversion


Financial calculator
No other certification system has free software to calculate the cost of being green.

Quantitative Approach
EDGE projects the expected performance with an exclusive and quantifiable approach to certification.

Efficiency simulations are executed by EDGE APP, so no specialized software or consulting is needed.

Project Integration
Compliance with certification can be achieved with invoices, photographs and architectural plans.

Specific location
EDGE adapts to specific climates and lifestyles for more accurate results.

Green buildings for everyone
Fast and low cost, EDGE makes certification easy and accessible to all.