Helix Tower

Top Features 

  • Rotation on its own axis for energy efficiency and thermal comfort issues
  • On-site renewable energy
  • Waste water treatment

Corporativo Atmosfera

Top Features 

  •  Double facade for comfort.
  • Rainwater harvesting system.
  • Green roof.
  • Accessibility to alternative means of transport.

Revolucion 757

Top Features 

  • External shading devices.
  • Efficient plumbing accessories.
  • LED luminaries.
  • Efficient home systems and technologies.

Fibra Mty Offices - EDGE Advanced

Top Features 

  • Recovery of the existing building.
  • Wastewater treatment and recycling system.
  • Low E glass.
  • Efficient air conditioning system.
  • Efficient plumbing system.
  • LED luminaries.

The American School Foundation of Guadalajara - LEED BD+C: Schools v4

We are proud to present The American School Foundation of Guadalajara as LEED BD+C: Schools v4

Ufficio BJX - EDGE Zero Carbon

Top Features 

  • Restoration of historic building.
  • Natural ventilation.
  • Renewable energy generation on-site.
  • Water use reduction.
  • Passive strategies of  thermal control.
  • Exterior views and preservation of endemic vegetation.
  • 100% compensation of your CO2 emissions.

Sofitel Reforma Mexico. LEED Silver.

Top Features 

  • Restoration of historic building.
  • 5.9% renewable energy produced on-site.
  • Exterior views in 91% of the spaces.
  • Solar water heaters.
  • Storage and collection of recyclables.
  • 100% wastewater treatment.

MDC Oracle Guadalajara. LEED Platinum.

Top Features 

  • Project’s public space exceeds local regulations requiremen in a 85%.
  • 12% of total energy is produced on-site by renewable sources.
  • Exterior views in 93% of the inner spaces.
  • 78% of waste generated during construction were recovered from landfills.
  • 50% of the materials used are regional, which reduces transport air pollution.

America's Ave. 500 Tower. LEED Gold.

Top Features 

The tower is located in a financial district of the city, with high density and diverse uses, including proximity to a traditional housing district, with retail to serve it and carefully designed pedestrian access to encourage residents to use the site as shortcut. The tower is part of the America´s Ave. Development that includes two additional 26 stories high Towers, one already LEED silver certified and the third one under construction, also under LEED certification process, all under Eosis scope. 

  • 100% underground parking to reduce the impact of asphalt reflection caused by the heat island effect.
  • 78 bicycle racks were installed in order to promote and facilitate user mobility with alternative means. 
  • 92% of the regularly occupied spaces of the tower, have direct views to the outside.
  • Savings of 38% in energy use achieved.
  • 70% of the building’s core consumption comes from renewable energy obtained through green energy certificates.
  •  35% of water savings were achieved inside the building.
  • 100% of the coatings and paints used in the project, contain low volatile organic compounds content.
  • 21% of the materials used in gray work and finishes have a percentage of recycled content.

PN 2828. LEED Silver.

Top Features:

  • 35% of energy consumption savings of 2 years throught RECs payment.
  • 47% of indoor water use reduction
  • 100% chlorofluorocarbon-free HVAC systems.
  • Ventilation rates exceded by 30%.
  • 94% of regularly occupied spaces with direct views to the outside.
  • 88% of the areas iluminated with natural light.
  • 23.5% of the total cost of the installed materials are regional materials.

Iconia Luxury Living. LEED Certified.

Top Features:

  • 19% energy savings,
  • 31% reduction of potable water sent to te drainage
  • 53% of water savings for vegetation watering
  • 100% of regularly occupied spaces comply with ASHRAE 62.1-2007
  • 13% of the total cost of the installed materials are regional materials.

Glorieta Tower. LEED Platinum.

Top Features:

  • 57.9% energy savings
  • 3.78% of energy generated by photovoltaics
  • 66.6% materials with recycled content used on site
  • 56.2% regional content used on site
  • 75.29% waste diverted from the dump
  • 93.98% regularly occupied areas with natural light
  • 90.7% regularly occupied areas with exterior views
  • 6.6% of parking reserved for green vehicles
  • 20% of the area was restored with low consumption and regional vegetation
  • 75.71% exceeds the requirement of open spaces


Photography: Luis Gallardo – LGM Studio

Eosis Office. LEED Platinum.

Eosis office achieved being one of first 10 spaces in North America certified as LEED® ID+C: Commercial Interiors, v4, Platinum level.

Top Features:

Through strategies of daylight harvesting that included glare control, daylight sensors and LED dimmable panels installed, health of users is enhanced both by improving the circadian rhythm of the users and ensuring the right amount of light at all times.

By using biophilia as a strategy to increase well being, all users have unobstructed views to the exterior and each workspace has an endemic, low water consuming succulent plant. Another healthy strategy that is promoted by the base building is the encouragement of using the stairs rather than the elevators, by including preferable line of sight directly to the staircase and multiple signs which explain why it is better to use them. Two other strategies are bike racks and showers.  

Water efficient fixtures in conjunction with a rainwater harvesting system reduce 46.2% of the potable water consumption.

To measure all energy end uses, advanced metering devices were installed to collect data for more than six months and provide information for optimized energy management.

Almost all electronic equipment is Energy Star rated, and is connected to a timer that turns power off after work hours. Even if the base building did not allow to install any photovoltaic panels, renewable energy credits (REC) were acquired for the whole amount of the office energy use for 5 years. Also, green education allows students and visitors to learn green features.

The selected furniture is ensuring both comfort and user’s health through ergonomic design, like the chairs, which were designed with less materials, less components, and with high percentages of recycled content. The chairs are part of a take-back program called rePurpose and have EPD, based on their product LCA.

Tre Alberta. LEED Certified

Top Features:

  • 100% of regularly occupied spaces comply with ventilation rates according to ASHRAE-62.1 2007.
  • 100% Chlorofluorocarbon-free air conditioning system.
  • 100% of the parking spaces are underground, reducing the heat island effect.
  • 100% of rainwater collection and treatment which extend the city drainage useful life.
  • 35% of water reduction in bathroom fixtures.
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption which reduces carbon footprint for decrease the needs of fossil fuels.
  • 5% of preferred parking for low-emitting/fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic panels and solar water heaters.
  • Area for separation, collection, and storage of recyclable materials.
  • 24 Bike racks to serve 15% of all building users and encourage alternative transportation.

LEED Platinum. Fortius II

We are very proud to announce the achievement of LEED NC V3 Platinum certification of the project Fortius II, a 100 years old building renewal in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Top Features:

  • 100% of the spaces regularly occupied with natural ventilation, 91% of office hours in thermal comfort, mainly by recovering the original strategies, including high thermal mass temperature storage, very high ceilings, cross ventilation, stack effect heat exhaust and excellent insulation in adobe walls.
  •  No new parking space provided. Only 3 existing parking spaces, of which one is preferred to low-emitting vehicles and or fuel-efficient vehicles and has an electric vehicle charging station and a second one preferred for carpool users.
  • 56% savings on energy consumption in the building helps to reduce the carbon footprint from the use of fossil fuel sources, and 30% of the total energy of the building is generated by photovoltaics.
  • 100 % of the rainwater of the roof is captured which lengthens the useful life of the drainage of the city and 51% of total water use water is saved in high efficiency fixtures with rainwater reuse.
  • 76% of the existing building was reused and the new materials are predominantly regional, even handcrafted in a 1km radius.

Steelcase Mexico Worklife. LEED Gold

Steelcase Mexico worklife is classified and guided under the standards and requirements of the LEED Certification for Commercial Interiors v2009. The project is within Torre Virreyes a LEED Platinum certified building.

Top Features:

Sustainable Sites

Steelcase Mexico worklife has designated 4 parking space for 55 occupants of which 3 of them are preferred for carpool, for that reason the project counts with 10.91% of FTE’s served by preferred parking for carpool.

The building counts with transportation and community services like a hospital, restaurant, school, convenience grocery store, bank, park, place of worship, pharmacy, beauty salon and supermarket, that are located within walking distance.

Steelcase is within a LEED Platinum certified building which has efficient water fixtures and fittings installed . Moreover, Steelcase installed some fixtures that increase water savings up to 40%.

Energy and Atmosphere

The lighting system installed includes 100% LED technology luminaires aided by occupancy sensors, which  optimizes the energy consumption of the project and achieves a 36.6% reduction of lighting power.

The HVAC system was designed in a way that it would comply with the requirements of standard ASHRAE 90.1- 2007, which helps to choose efficient equipments that reduces the energy use beyond a typical office

Around 70% of the rated power for electronic equipment and appliances installed are Energy Star rated, which also helps to reduce the energy consumption of the project.

In order to further reduce the carbon dioxide footprint, Steelcase purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) for 50% of their annual energy consumption.

Materials and Resources

Steelcase installed materials that help to reduce environmental impacts resulting from extraction and processing of virgin materials. These represent 10.51%, based on cost, of the total value of the materials in the project.

Steelcase Mexico worklife implemented a Solid Waste Management Policy (SWMP) with the intention of providing operational guidance for a safe, responsible, and ecologically sound management of municipal solid waste. Solid waste management includes the practice of employing three basic strategies – reduction, reuse, and recycling to decrease and divert the amount of landfill material generated by building operations and the portion of that waste that must be disposed of in a landfill.