• 2nd phase of LEED LAB

    Eosis launches its second phase of LEED LAB in association with ITESM. The recruitment of students started on January 23rd with a good response from students.

    LEED Lab is a multidisciplinary immersion course that utilizes the built environment to educate and prepare students to become green building leaders and sustainability-focused citizens.


    In the course, students assess the […]

  • 5 Things for an AIA 2030 Ready Office Building

    Why Bother with High Performance Office Buildings?

    Company Growth: Every office wants to attract top talent to help their company grow. Studies have shown that 90% of millennials care about building performance and sustainability. By 2025, millennials will represent 75% of the workforce. This is accompanied by significant purchasing power among this generation, spending $600 billion.

    Energy Use: […]

  • Why Companies Are Becoming B Corporations

    By Suntae Kim, Matthew J. Karlesky, Christopher G. Myers, and. Todd Schifeling.
    JUNE 17, 2016
    From the New York Public Library
    The landscape of American corporations is changing. Since the financialization of the economy in the late 1970s, corporate governance practices have tightly linked the purpose of business with maximizing shareholder value. However, as the 21st century pushes on, […]

  • AIA COTE Top Ten Toolkit: Phase 1 draft

    The AIA COTE Top Ten Toolkit executive summary
    Limited access to high-quality, concise, and usable information is a major barrier to the universal adoption of sustainable design. The COTE Top Ten Toolkit is a resource, accessible to all architects, that closes the information gap to designing high performing, equitable, beautiful buildings. The toolkit is designed to […]

  • LEED certification update: Fourth quarter 2018

    See the latest LEED data in our fourth-quarter update.

    In this recurring feature, we take a look at LEED certification activity in the fourth quarter of 2018, broken out by achievement level, rating system and location. Check out our graphic below.

    Additionally, be sure to check out the suite of market briefs for your state and country, as well as our state-by-state LEED […]