• The urgency of decarbonization

    Corredor Financiero-Guadalajara, Jalisco

    For many it is news, for many others it is not. What is certain is that climate change and the need to join efforts to stop it is a shared task.
    Built buildings account for 40% of global carbon emissions, which is why they should be one of the main focuses in international agreements […]

  • The importance of sustainability or ESG reporting

    Foto de Igor Son en Unsplash

    Sustainability reports provide many benefits to all those involved, it has become a tool to take care of aspects of companies that require more attention.
    “Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria no longer constitute a niche opportunity but are a fundamental responsibility for companies to be competitive in today’s global markets”
    Today […]

  • What is EDGE Certification

    Ufficio BJX- Herman Miller Showroom- EDGE Net Zero Carbon

    Thinking about a sustainability certification often leads us to think about the investment of time and money that we must make.
    However, there are options that involve less effort and achieve similar results.
    Today Neiva, in charge of Business Development at Eosis, explains the EDGE certification and its advantages

    Why […]

  • What is LEED Certification?

    Torre Helix – LEED in progress

    Sustainability certifications have gained prominence over the last decade, but in reality, what do they actually do for us?
    Existen diferentes certificaciones que validan las estrategias de sustentabilidad den tu empresa, la más reconocida de ellas es “LEED”
    On this occasion Roberto Maldonado, consultant at Eosis, explains what this certification consists of […]

  • Sustainability in the Industrial Sector

    Continental Aguascalientes – LEED In Progress

    Our company’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis is real. We work together motivated by the search for a common good for a prosperous future. On this occasion, Abigail Cervantes, project manager of Eosis, shares her opinion on the importance of applying sustainability criteria in the industrial sector.

    In recent years, […]