Include the Social Issue in a Company for Risk Reduction

Atmosfera Corporate- LEED Silver (2012)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) groupings are no accident: these broad categories highlight key areas of risk and opportunity for companies seeking long-term returns.

On this occasion Anery Ahumada, part of the Eosis team, tells us about the importance of including the social issue in a company to reduce the risks of the business strategy.

The change in the perception of environmental and social risks in the real estate and construction industries are increasingly evident. The effects of climate change are already starting to have a real impact around the world, and the need to decarbonise the built environment is beginning to seep into the political arena.

Taking a social perspective on investing to manage business risk provides the ease of moving from a risk-based approach to an opportunity-based approach, generating maximum value from investments.

A building that was built and designed for people would be meaningless if it were not taking care of the interests and health of those users.

The company’s business decisions and practices reflect the values of leadership. Businesses that allow poor working conditions face greater risks in their ability to generate profits for their owners.

The way a place is designed, built, maintained and managed has a direct impact on employment and economic growth, as well as on the health and well-being of its users.

Improving productivity and health in the workplace is an issue whose importance is on the rise. The World Green Building Council and other organizations such as Harvard – through their study of The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Functions – recognize the value of a health-focused indoor environment in supporting well-being and the capabilities of internal human capital.

The increase in cognitive capacity, the quality of sleep, the increase in mental and physical health and the reduction in contagion risks are just some of the reasons that these organizations and the users of a building with these characteristics can affirm.

At Eosis we firmly believe that the most valuable asset of any company is its people. That is why we take the environmental and social responsibility of our work very seriously, as well as sustainable construction based on these criteria.

From the team’s experience we can say that the health benefits of green building are real. The creation of rating tools that include, or focus on, health and wellness have catalyzed this rise in global awareness.

Get to know the testimony of the users of Corporativo Atmosfera,
the pioneer building of LEED certification in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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