Green Christmas

The end of another year full of lessons is near and the opportunity to be sheltered with the love of those with whom we share life becomes every time more rewarding.

The already known Christmas spirit begins to be more and more evident and it is even possible for us to perceive what sounds extraordinary; the “smell of Christmas”.

These holidays, responsible consumption becomes a key factor to achieve a systemic change in the economy. Consumer demand can redefine the way businesses operate and the products they offer.

To achieve sustainable development it is necessary that economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection be in harmony. There can be no sustainable development without climate action and many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reflect this.

It is appropriate to stop discrediting the Christmas festivities and, instead, speak out to promote sustainable practices and celebrate with those we love the most.

On these dates, the best gift to give to our family and friends is to bet on a healthy future for everyone.

At Eosis we wish you happy holidays!

Cover photo by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash

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