Final call to reverse climate change – COP26

Currently the world is a spectator of natural disasters in greater quantity and with greater intensity; droughts, fires, floods, storms and earthquakes call for measures against climate change. The serious impacts of these phenomena threaten the health and quality of life of the planet’s inhabitants every day.

The month of November 2021 has been carried out what by many was considered the last call to control excessive climate change. On this occasion, the United Kingdom was the host of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, better known as COP26.

It was in 2015 when under the Paris Agreement, countries committed to submitting national plans looking to reduce their emissions, in this way, every five years these countries would return with an updated plan that would reflect their highest possible ambition at that time.

Due to the effects of the pandemic, six years after COP21, this year the first of these five-year cycles has been completed. In this way, the countries have come together to present their rethinking that brings them closer to the Sustainable Development Goals and objectives for the year 2030.

COP26 was held with four ambitious goals in mind:

  1. Reduce emissions to reach net-zero by mid-century.
  2. Provide protection to ecosystems and restore them.
  3. Raise funds to increase climate finance.
  4. Achieve collaboration between different governments, businesses and societies to accelerate action.

Excerpt from COP26 EXPLAINED by UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

So far the efforts and advances of the public and private sectors to address climate change are leading to the enjoyment of cleaner air, the creation of new jobs, the restoration of nature and, as a result, economic growth.

In this way, now more than ever the transition to net-zero practices of governments, sectors, companies, investors and civil society, are urgently required to meet the SDGs and live in a safe environment for all living beings.

Cover image by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

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