Social Sustainability

Showcase your commitment with Social Sustainability . This is one of the most difficult goals to achieve, not only because the effect that can be done on site is limited but also because the externalities caused by the construction industry many times are invisible.

We help you achieve these goals both on site and multiply them by a compensatory mechanism off site.

We have developed a service that has as main objective to enhance heath and dignity conditions for construction workers both on site and in their communities. We have been applying  it for 10 years in construction sites of LEED certified buildings a series of measures that includes additional training such as nutritional information, domestic violence, alcoholism prevention among others. We are part of the USGBC Social Equity Group and we have been advocates to include these criteria into the LEED system.

Our compensatory mechanism is intended to combine energy modeling, passive solar design and enhance construction worker’s heatlh, environmental and  economic development in squatter settlements in their home communities by changing the current construction techniques to timber construction. We will use sponsoring and volunteer work to intervene and make a multiplier effect increasing the reach of the financial aid. We are advocating to include this mechanism in the Austin Energy Green Building System and the LEED system similarly as the REC (Renewable Energy Credits) are achieved, paving the way for developers to increase the reach of their goals.

Health for Construction Workers

Get to know more about the Health for Construction Workers program and promoting gender equality in the construction industry. #Health #SocialEquity #Eosis #Construction #LEEDCertification


Eosis has a strong commitment to inform our construction peers about sustainable building.  For this reason, we offer an introduction to LEED course, as part of our contract.

This is directed to the owner, his design team and all specialists involved, including contractors; however, we also offer courses to other firms and individuals interested in getting a LEED credential.​ ​Eosis makes sure that all its collaborators get accredited with one or more LEED credentials.