• Passive Design in Eosis Projects

    Passive House  is not only one of the world’s leading energy efficiency standards but also a construction concept made to build comfortable, environmentally friendly and affordable homes and buildings.

    The relationship between the climatic conditions of a city and its architecture is an essential aspect for the construction industry.

    The work of architecture benefits from the positive […]

  • Green Christmas

    The end of another year full of lessons is near and the opportunity to be sheltered with the love of those with whom we share life becomes every time more rewarding.
    The already known Christmas spirit begins to be more and more evident and it is even possible for us to perceive what sounds extraordinary; the […]

  • 3 Basic concepts to understand sustainability

    The importance of sustainability grows day by day as the conditions and lifestyles of societies evolve.

    With this, the range of terms used in sustainable issues is becoming more robust thanks to the technologies, contributions and innovations that are created in this search for positive impacts for the world.

    At Eosis we want to help you understand […]

  • Final call to reverse climate change – COP26

    Currently the world is a spectator of natural disasters in greater quantity and with greater intensity; droughts, fires, floods, storms and earthquakes call for measures against climate change. The serious impacts of these phenomena threaten the health and quality of life of the planet’s inhabitants every day.

    The month of November 2021 has been carried out […]

  • Climate Crisis should be treated with same urge as the Pandemic

    Despite climate change is more deadly than the COVID-19 pandemic, it has failed to elicit the same level of urgency among governments and civil society actors. However, it was suggested that climate change should receive the same kind of attention from decision-makers.

    Effective coordination between government agencies, development organizations and civil society actors that emerged during […]

  • Innovation: The key to unlocking the future of smart construction

    The construction industry is one of the least digitalized industries in the world. Even when the complexity of the construction projects is high, the construction sector still uses traditional business methods.

    Developers and engineers try to meet stringent environmental, health, and safety regulations as they design sustainable, larger, and more technologically advanced infrastructure.

    To keep up with […]

  • Biking – the way to go for Net Zero

    Transport emissions are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in cities. In New York, 23% of emissions are from transport; in Mexico City, the figure is 45%; and across C40 cities, transport accounts for an average of 30% of cities’ emissions.

    Around the world, outdoor air pollution kills around 4.6 million people each […]