• What is EDGE Certification

    Ufficio BJX- Herman Miller Showroom- EDGE Net Zero Carbon

    Thinking about a sustainability certification often leads us to think about the investment of time and money that we must make.
    However, there are options that involve less effort and achieve similar results.
    Today Neiva, in charge of Business Development at Eosis, explains the EDGE certification and its advantages

    Why […]

  • What is LEED Certification?

    Torre Helix – LEED in progress

    Sustainability certifications have gained prominence over the last decade, but in reality, what do they actually do for us?
    Existen diferentes certificaciones que validan las estrategias de sustentabilidad den tu empresa, la más reconocida de ellas es “LEED”
    On this occasion Roberto Maldonado, consultant at Eosis, explains what this certification consists of […]

  • Sustainability in the Industrial Sector

    Continental Aguascalientes – LEED In Progress

    Our company’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis is real. We work together motivated by the search for a common good for a prosperous future. On this occasion, Abigail Cervantes, project manager of Eosis, shares her opinion on the importance of applying sustainability criteria in the industrial sector.

    In recent years, […]

  • Principles of passive design: Thermal Bridges

    A thermal bridge ‘free’ design is one of the 5 fundamental principles of Passive House design and construction. For this occasion, our collaborator Alejandro Davila, a consultant at Eosis, explains what this topic implies.
    Well just like its in the name, a thermal bridge is literally a non-wanted connection from the outside to the inside.

    This could […]

  • Passive Design in Eosis Projects

    Passive House  is not only one of the world’s leading energy efficiency standards but also a construction concept made to build comfortable, environmentally friendly and affordable homes and buildings.

    The relationship between the climatic conditions of a city and its architecture is an essential aspect for the construction industry.

    The work of architecture benefits from the positive […]

  • Green Christmas

    The end of another year full of lessons is near and the opportunity to be sheltered with the love of those with whom we share life becomes every time more rewarding.
    The already known Christmas spirit begins to be more and more evident and it is even possible for us to perceive what sounds extraordinary; the […]

  • 3 Basic concepts to understand sustainability

    The importance of sustainability grows day by day as the conditions and lifestyles of societies evolve.

    With this, the range of terms used in sustainable issues is becoming more robust thanks to the technologies, contributions and innovations that are created in this search for positive impacts for the world.

    At Eosis we want to help you understand […]