Attend to the Forum session – AI: THE POWER, PROMISE & PRAGMATIC POTENTIAL –

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now pervasive in all aspects of our lives as citizens, employees, consumers, and social beings. This new class of software technology has the potential to completely rewrite the world economic order. Its impact can already be seen in homes, businesses and political processes, and it promises to transform everything from healthcare and transportation, from education to entertainment, from manufacturing to military applications, and more. When combined with robotics, AI will soon be driving cars, stocking warehouses, making complex products, repairing physical infrastructure, and caring for the young and elderly. It holds the promise of solving some of the most pressing issues facing our society, but also presents challenges such as unethical uses of personal data, inscrutable “black box” algorithms, potential job displacement, and numerous national and international security concerns.

​In this Austin Forum session on AI, you will hear from experts on what’s driving this, why is it a big deal, and how are individuals, organizations and governments poised to take advantage. You will gain perspectives on how you should shape your involvement and activities to prepare yourself for this new industrial revolution, but also gain practical insights on what you should do to thrive during its evolution into a global force.


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