AIA COTE Top Ten Toolkit: Phase 1 draft

The AIA COTE Top Ten Toolkit executive summary

Limited access to high-quality, concise, and usable information is a major barrier to the universal adoption of sustainable design. The COTE Top Ten Toolkit is a resource, accessible to all architects, that closes the information gap to designing high performing, equitable, beautiful buildings. The toolkit is designed to provide relevant, general guidance to architects incorporating deep green principles from the beginning of every project.


Development process

The toolkit provides a meta-analysis of the top ten measures. While the measures themselves take the form of questions, patterns for addressing them begin to emerge from winning projects. The toolkit identifies some of the patterns and a talented team of subject matter experts curated the most relevant current resources to support them.

This draft represents Phase 1 in the process: information is collected and prioritized within the measures. The next phase slated to be completed by 2018, will bring additional refinements and interactive tools. The intent is to keep the resource current and add to it over time. Ultimately, this feedback loop informs refinements to the fundamental measures themselves. Of course, with any effort of this breadth, stuff gets left out or missed entirely. The toolkit development team kindly requests your feedback.



Tate Walker, AIA, Project Co-Lead OPN Architects, Madison, Wisconsin, COTE Advisory Group
Corey Squire, AIA, Project Co-Lead Lake|Flato Architects, San Antonio, Texas, COTE Advisory Group
Anne Hicks Harney, FAIA, Long Green Specs, Baltimore, Maryland
Betsy del Monte, FAIA, Cameron MacAllister Group, Dallas, Texas
David Hincher, AIA, Kieran Timberlake, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gunnar Hubbard, FAIA, Thornton Tomasetti, Portland, Maine, COTE Advisory Group
Helena Zambrano, AIA, Overland Partners, San Antonio, Texas
Mary Ann Lazarus, FAIA, Cameron MacAllister Group, St. Louis, Missouri, COTE Advisory Group
Stephanie Horowitz, AIA, ZeroEnergy Design, Boston, Massachusetts, COTE Advisory Group
Stephen Endy, AIA, Mahlum, Portland, Oregon
Vikram Sami, AIA, Olson Kundig, Seattle, Washington, COTE Advisory Group
Hannah Silver, GBD Architects, Portland Oregon
Z Smith, FAIA,
 Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, New Orleans, Louisana

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