We are a company with 15 years of experience in the market and more than 100 projects in sustainable business consulting, obtaining LEED platinum certifications, EDGE Net Zero Carbon and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) reports through ARC and GRESB. We have a professional team of LEED and WELL accredited architects and environmental engineers, including a LEED Fellow, as well as a team of EDGE experts and auditors.

EOSIS has obtained the ESG criteria demonstration certification with the international B Corp system, obtaining the Best for the World distinction on two occasions. It has also achieved the distinction as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ 2022 awarded by HRC.


Decarbonize buildings and their operation, so that they promote health and sustainability in a measurable, profitable and verifiable way.


To be a company with a carbon neutral operation by 2030, and in continuous improvement of our equity and social commitment policies. While we are a key ally for our stakeholders on their way to decarbonization.


We believe that sustainability is not a sacrifice, neither for people nor for companies, being sustainable adds value, brings prosperity and helps improve quality of life.

Board of Directors



LEED Fellow from the US Green Building Council and WELL AP (Accredited Professional). Also elected Vice President for SUMe. Graduated from the Architectural Association in London, receiving a MA degree in Housing and Urbanism. In 2014 he  participated in the program Leadership in Sustainability at the UBC in Vancouver. Is currently founding partner and Chairman of the Board of Eosis Inc, an international Texas based consulting firm for Energy Modeling and  Passive Solar Design.
He has performed the role of Integrated Design Coach in more than 100 LEED registered buildings, mainly commercial but also multi family residential and institutional. He is active at the USGBC LEED , volunteering with the Social Equity group  advocating to  increase Health and Dignity conditions for Construction Workers. Lectured and participated in forums in Canada, U.S. and South America, both Spanish and English.


Senior Partner of EOSIS, has advised over 100 projects in North America. Bachelor´s degree in Architecture by the ITESO in 2000 and accredited as LEED AP (LEED Accredited Professional) in 2009 and WELL AP (2020). Holds a graduate degree in Bioclimate Architecture granted by the  Higher School of Architecture in 2011.
Then in 2012 he concluded the Harvard Manager Mentor program and the course of The Principles and Process for Conducting a Life-Cycle Cost Analysis del NIBS in 2013. MBA by the UdeG in from 2014 to 2016. Accredited as EDGE expert in 2017 a program developed by the IFC and GBCI for sustainable buildings. During his professional career, he is been involved in the management and coordination of architectural projects for companies such as MS+A y KMD. In recent years, he has focused on energy efficiency and sustainable buildings performance.



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Bussiness Development & Communication

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Business Development & Communication

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Project Manager

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Project Manager

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Sustainability Consultant

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Sustainability Consultant