4 Ways to Fold Sustainability Into Your Company´s Goals

According to Bain & Company research, merely 2% of organizations have reached or surpassed their sustainability program´s goals. It doesn´t mean they aren´t trying, in most of the cases is because they just realize that it is much harder than expected to operate in more sustainable ways. 

Many experts are warning that the next 10 years will be crutial in the race to slow climate change. Businesses are at the wake-up call stage where every big efforts need to happen. Even if it’s only the 2% of your goal you can make a change, as long as the goal is big, bold and daring enough. 

In order to achive it, Forbes gives are some steps you can take to start the eco-conscientiousness in your company: 


Understand your stakeholders’ sustainability preferences and expectations.


Go big or go home with your major sustainability goals.


Identify the mile markers needed to hit your sustainability target.


Take a small step forward—and then another.

At Eosis we are interested in supporting companies with sustainable actions and startegies in their buildings and work spaces. Remeber that the future of your company depends on how you impact the future of the earth.

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