What is energy modeling?

Energy modeling is an essential and worldwide recommended analysis for a new sustainable building or a modification to be one.

Makes possible energy savings and efficient building performance. Also, it is an obligatory prerequisite to obtain an environmental certification, like it is LEED Certification issued by the US Green Building Council.

The energy modeling of buildings is an analysis we advise to start in the early stages of design with the purpose of finding solutions or improvements for the project.

Our experience in energy modeling goes to nearly 50 projects mainly for the ones pursuing the LEED certification.

The preferred software used for our models is eQUEST® 3.65, which complies with the section G2.2 of the ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 standard, and allows us a quick analysis between options provided for the projects we are involved. Other software used are Open Studio® with Energy Plus®.

We use Rhino 5 and grasshopper for:

  • Weather analysis through Ladybug

  • Daylight simulations through Honeybee and Radiance

  • Energy simulations through Honeybee and EnergyPlus

  • Wind Simulations through Butterfly and OpenFoam